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May 14 2023 10:52:09 (utc)
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Bitcoin address winner 17EFzE9jRZqz72UEVzWV6syu1vvNgcsuVY
in Block 745896
Info Time: 2022-07-21 15:57:22


Patrick Freckelton

I received information about this project from a friend and I decided to start with $ 1500 because I had participated in similar projects before, but they were not entirely successful. I was surprised when in my wallet received a great reward and congratulations from the developers of I set aside a good amount for my acquaintance Muriel who introduced me to the project and at the same time received a similar award as me. Miracle, chance and coincidence and we will celebrate this success together for a long time.


Muriel Manning

When I saw the project, I did not have the courage to invest more than the basic package from $ 750 but I just got my investment back. I told my friend Patrick who immediately invested largest package and received a large sum. He lent me money and I tried $ 1500 twice. and in the second attempt. Bingo!! Profit: $ 122,000. Thanks Patrick! You are a happy and smart person.


Bryan Spring

I played with both small and large stakes, but I think that a big profit can be made only with a large investment and only when there are large fluctuations of currencies and coins in the stock markets. With a bigger stake in the bots, they borrow much larger loan, attend multiple stock exchanges and exchange currencies and coins with much higher profits. It should only be selected the moment and monitor online information and alerts about when there will be major stock market shocks.


Paige Whitaker

I only go to big profits and pay it the highest advance of $ 1500. I follow other bots on the internet, and I think that only with a large investment can it be achieved million earnings.I have a lot of advances in this bot (about $ 25,000) and for now I have an only double profit from
my investment.


Wharton Flanders

For six months of work and my investment of
about $ 12,000 I think it is a good income.
After the fourth attempt I managed to prick a larger amount $22.000. With a lower investment of $ 750
I got a bigger amount and twice with a $ 1500 deposit I was just getting something small $6000-8000


Anthony Marino

I made $4100 a year ago with a $350 Starter package and decided to try again this year. I upgraded the package to Premium $1500 and had to wait two months to withdraw the money. In the first month I reached the amount of $30.000 and used the option "Withdrawing plus" and decided to withdraw them without waiting another
month although I lost a month from trading on my bot.

Beginners who joined 1 year ago.

Wells Oughtred

I only invest small amounts and follow the stock market. I am satisfied with my earnings although I saw some of my friends in the group earning much more.

Profit: $14,500


Juliet Aimson

Every new technology that comes on the market is suspicious to me and that is why I am cautious and invest only at least twice a week. So far, I am doing well, and I am making a few of my average salaries as a fashion designer.

Profit: $13,600


Lily Acheson

I do not understand this technology, but I'm attracted by what I look forward to the report at the end of the week hoping for more earnings. For now, I have the advantage.

Profit: $13,500


Aaron Newdigate

I thought this was a big gamble like in casinos, because I followed people who with small stakes od $ 750 amounting to $ 30,000. But then I realized that the whole philosophy is here when to choose a moment to hire a bot. You must not rush and gamble. You need to study the stock markets carefully and then hire the bot.

Profit: $12,800


Nelmes Noseworthy

I do not know; I am a beginner and I follow what others will say. I follow youtube advice, but the reports that arrive after the profit help me the most. They need to be well analyzed so that next time I decide at what time and for what amount to hire the bot.

Profit: $6.900


Birdie Pattinson

I do not know why you are asking us to show our names and pictures on the website even though. It is our personal right whether we will show our personal data. I only accidentally earned following some other more informed traders and I do not want to be on the site three weeks. I only agreed because of my friend to which it brought good luck.

Profit: $4.800
( Info Dashboard )


Anthony Marino

On the first try with $ 1250 I was able to get $ 4100. Maybe I will try a few more times although I do not fully understand how bot and smart contract works. I do not know why they are not allowed affiliate to clients who do not have public profiles on social networks.

Profit: $4.100


Edward Frampton

I only got $ 2,800 and I do not regret it. I do not know what explanation people are looking for this project. It's a new technology and not everyone can understand it. If you think this is not for you, then go ahead and invest in shitcoin. Has an affiliate program which I want to use but is not available to everyone may only enable customers who have multiple profiles on social networks.



Profit: $2,800