A Few Words About Us

Developer organization for scientific research of AI technology in crypto trading.

Our project is related to AI.
All earned money from this project will be invested in the next project with artificial intelligence which will be started from September-October 2024 when sufficient information is obtained from this project.
Our main goal is to collect a large amount of data from hundreds of bots on different stock exchanges at different times.
For that we need a huge amount of data from your bots with which we will feed the main bot that will have elements of artificial intelligence.
With certain smart contracts we can configure an ideal bot with the help of Artificial Intelligence which can work on almost all stock exchanges and generate large profit of each activity.

If you want to join as an affiliate marketer for this project, contact us on chat or contact form.
You need to have several social profiles and at least one Facebook fan page to share our banners.
The percentage of earnings is high and goes up to 30% from the package that will be purchased by the client that you recommended.

Meet our most valued

Expert Team Members

Here are the initial members of the project, some of whom are still involved today. For transparency we show everyone who started the project but also hide the important developers who are now carrying the hardest part of the project due to competition.


Kamdyn Grigoras

Chief executive officer

Barnabas Melgren

Growth Marketer

Maximo Hughes

iOS Developer

Konner Duckstein

iOS Developer

Eilidh Pegany






After your payment, you will get admin panel with a login and password that you choose yourself.
In the panel there will be all the statistics about the work of the bot and the possibility of withdrawing earnings to your bitcoin address.
Example Dashboard registration:
Dashboard registration:


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